Do You Know Where to Eat the Best Fish in Jávea?

La Perla de Jávea Awaits You with the Best Variety of Fish in the Region

If you’re looking for an authentic and fresh culinary experience, La Perla de Jávea is the perfect place for you. This restaurant, located by the port, is renowned for its skill in serving the catch of the day, respecting the original flavors of each fish to the utmost. Here, the fish are grilled to perfection, allowing you to savor their natural essence.

Market-Fresh Fish and Marine Delicacies

  • Turbot: An elegant and smooth fish, cooked to perfection to maintain its delicate flavor.
  • Sea Bass: Famous for its texture and subtle taste, grilled sea bass is a true delight.
  • Red Sea Bream: With its firm flesh and intense flavor, red sea bream is a must-try.
  • Scorpion Fish: A rock fish with a unique and deep flavor, perfect for those who love authentic tastes.
  • Alfonsino: This deep-sea fish offers exceptional texture and flavor.
  • Grilled Sardines with Flame-Roasted Tomato and Onion: A classic reinvented with a modern touch that highlights traditional flavors.
  • Grilled White Prawn: Fresh and sweet in every bite, ideal for seafood lovers.
  • Garlic Shrimp: A simple yet flavorful dish, with juicy shrimp and a touch of garlic.

Fish from La Lonja

Sea Bass (Lubina)

Tubot (Rodaballo)

From the Jávea Fish Market and Beyond

Some of these fish come directly from the Jávea fish market, while others are sourced from various regions of Spain. Regardless of their origin, all are equally delicious and prepared in a way that lets their authentic flavors shine.


Grilled fresh white shrimp

Grilled sardines with tomato and onion on the flame

Accompaniments and wines

La Perla de Jávea also offers a wide variety of fresh produce to complement the fish dishes. Additionally, they have a selection of wines that will delight any wine lover, providing the perfect pairing for each dish.

Setting and Service

The idyllic setting of the restaurant, with unbeatable views of the port and a relaxed atmosphere, is the perfect backdrop for a memorable meal. The friendly and attentive service ensures that every visit is a pleasant and worry-free experience.


Recently, La Perla de Jávea was included in the Michelin Guide 2024, a recognition that highlights its commitment to quality and culinary excellence. Additionally, the restaurant has been awarded 1 Sol Repsol, further cementing its reputation for outstanding gastronomy.

If you want to enjoy the best catch of the day in a charming environment, you must visit La Perla de Jávea. With its focus on simplicity and respect for natural flavors, this restaurant has earned a special place in the hearts of food lovers. Reserve your table and discover why La Perla de Jávea is a true culinary gem!

Contact details

Avenida de la Libertad, 2 Local 2 Playa del Arenal, 03730 Jávea

Telepfone: 966 47 07 72





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