Kick Off Summer with Distrikt 41’s Seasonal Menu

A Rich History of Culinary Excellence

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Alicante, Distrikt 41 has been a beacon of culinary innovation since its inception.

Founded by visionary chefs Joris and Danny, the restaurant blends traditional barbecue techniques with the sophistication of fine dining, earning recognition from the prestigious Michelin Guide. Their passion for food, combined with years of experience and a commitment to local ingredients, has made Distrikt41 a must-visit destination for food enthusiasts.

Introducing the Start of Summer Menu

As the warmth of summer begins to grace Alicante, Distrikt 41 celebrates with the launch of its highly anticipated Start of Summer Menu. Crafted by the talented chefs Joris and Danny, this six-course dining experience is available for a limited time, ensuring each visit is a unique culinary adventure. Priced at €74, the menu showcases the best of seasonal and local produce, promising to surprise and delight every guest. Pair the courses with expertly selected beverages, including a finishing coffee, for an additional €38. This menu is available per table only, making it an ideal choice for shared dining experiences.

Unique Summer Specials

The Start of Summer Menu features inventive dishes such as Mackerel with Celeriac and Beetroot, Veal Tartar with Tomato and Watercress, and Beef Cheek accompanied by White Asparagus and Mustard. For an extra touch of luxury, add a 10g supplement of caviar to the Veal Tartar for €29, or enjoy an additional course of Goose Liver for €11. Desserts also impress, with options like Níspero with Hazelnut and Elderflower, ensuring a refreshing end to your meal.

Menu Staples: Timeless Favorites

While the seasonal menu offers new and exciting tastes, Distrikt 41’s à la carte menu features beloved staples that guests can enjoy year-round. Start with fresh Oysters from Ile d’Oleron, available naturally for €5 or from the barbecue with Creme Fraiche and Cucumber for €5.75. The Tuna with Tomato and Jalapeño, and the Sea Bass paired with Fennel, Wakame, and Ginger are perfect starters for seafood lovers.

For mains, the Rib-eye with Cauliflower, Piccalilly, and Lime Leaf at €32 and the Iberico Pork with Morel Mushroom and Black Tea at €30 are standout dishes. The Venison with Carrot, King Bolete, and Balsamic and the Red Mullet served with Bell Pepper and Sweet Potato offer rich, hearty flavors. Vegetarians will appreciate the Cauliflower with Almond, Garlic, and Tarragon at €19.

Decadent Desserts

Finish your meal with a selection of exquisite desserts. Choose from a Cheese Board featuring four various cheeses with nut bread for €14, or indulge in sweet treats like the Stroopwafel with Toasted White Chocolate and Pecan Nuts for €12. The Mandarin dessert with Fenugreek, Honey, and Thyme and the Turrón with Blueberry and Pumpkin Seed each provide a delightful end to a remarkable dining experience.

Book your table for a Memorable Meal this Summer

Whether you’re eager to explore the Start of Summer Menu or savor the timeless favorites from the à la carte selection, Distrikt 41 invites you to enjoy an unparalleled culinary journey. Visit us in the heart of Alicante and make your dining reservations today. 


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Carrer Navas 41, Alicante, Spain

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