Quique Dacosta ranked 14th Best Restaurant in the World

Quique Dacosta, the acclaimed Spanish chef, has reached a new pinnacle in his illustrious career. His restaurant in Dénia has been ranked 14th in “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” for 2024, making it the fourth-best restaurant in Spain. This recognition is a testament to Dacosta’s innovation and excellence in the culinary arts, highlighting his restaurant’s continuous improvement and rising prestige on the global stage. The World’s 50 Best Restaurants now considers his flagship restaurant in Dénia as one of the best globally, marking another significant achievement for the chef.

“Estamos muy agradecidos a The World’s 50 Best Restaurants por este reconocimiento y muy felices de representar a nuestro territorio, Denia, la Comunidad Valenciana y España en un sector donde existe un nivel altísimo en todo el mundo (We are very grateful to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants for this recognition and very happy to represent our territory, Denia, the Valencian Community, and Spain in a sector where the level is extremely high worldwide.)” said Dacosta, after learning his position at a gala in Las Vegas.

Origins and Early Career

Born in Extremadura and adopted by Valencia, Dacosta began his culinary journey in 1986. At just 14, he started working in kitchens and exploring cookbooks, mainly from French chefs. This early curiosity about food extended beyond mere sustenance, sparking a lifelong passion for culinary excellence. By 18, Dacosta was visiting Spain’s top gastronomic restaurants, gaining inspiration and honing his craft.

In 1988, he joined El Poblet, now Quique Dacosta Restaurante. Initially serving Castilian cuisine, the restaurant transitioned to a local maritime menu under Dacosta’s direction. He innovated by combining various culinary styles to create a new Valencian cuisine, integrating modern techniques with traditional local products and global influences.

Climbing the Ranks

Dacosta’s restaurant has seen a meteoric rise in the prestigious “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list. Two years ago, it was ranked 42nd, and last year it climbed to the 20th position. This year, it has ascended to 14th place, reflecting the restaurant’s exceptional quality and Dacosta’s relentless pursuit of culinary perfection. The successes continue for this Spanish chef, who now oversees twelve restaurants across Madrid, London, Valencia, and Dénia.

Culinary Excellence and Menu

The tasting menu at Quique Dacosta Restaurante, priced at 295 euros per person, features signature dishes like the red prawn of Dénia. Dacosta’s approach to cuisine emphasizes creativity and the innovative use of traditional Mediterranean flavors, consistently pushing the boundaries of modern gastronomy. His gastronomic proposal for this year, “Por Amor al Arte” (For the Love of Art), is captivating diners with its sensitivity and breadth, transcending other artistic disciplines.

Significant Achievements

Quique Dacosta’s numerous accolades highlight his remarkable contributions to the culinary world

  • Three Michelin Stars (2020/2021): Acknowledging the restaurant’s exceptional quality.
  • Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts (2020): Awarded by the Spanish government for his contribution to art through cuisine.
  • Best Spanish Restaurateur (2019): By the Royal Academy of Gastronomy.
  • Consistently ranked among the top 10 restaurants in Europe by Opinionated About Dining (OAD).
  • Best Restaurant in Europe (2012 and 2013): According to OAD.
  • Doctor Honoris Causa in Fine Arts (2013): From the Miguel Hernández University of Elche.
  • National Gastronomy Awards: José Antonio Navarrete, the restaurant’s sommelier, was named Best Sommelier in 2012.
  • Three Michelin Stars (2012/2013): Achieving this distinction for the first time.
  • Three Soles in the Repsol Guide (2008): The highest rating in this prestigious guide.
  • Multiple awards for creativity and excellence: Including the Best Creative Restaurant (2007) and Best Pastry Chef in Spain (2007).

Looking Forward

Quique Dacosta’s journey from a young kitchen enthusiast to a world-renowned chef serves as an inspiration. His innovative approach and dedication to excellence continue to set new standards in the culinary world. Each accolade reaffirms his commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional cuisine, making his restaurant a beacon of modern gastronomy.


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