Gema Penalva Restobar: Savoring Tradition with a Modern Twist in Alicante

Gema Penalva Restobar in Alicante offers a delightful twist on local cuisine, marrying tradition with innovation. This charming eatery is perfect for small celebrations, romantic nights, or gatherings with friends. A Nostalgic Menu The menu at Gema Penalva Restobar is a nostalgic journey

Distrikt41: Meet the Masters, Chefs Danny and Joris

Nestled in the vibrant streets of Alicante, Distrikt41 stands as a culinary beacon, a brainchild of Chefs Danny and Joris. Their journey, intertwined with a passion for gastronomy, has led to the creation of a unique dining destination. The seeds of Distrikt41 were

L’Olleta: Where Seafood Takes Center Stage

Tucked away in the picturesque coastal town of Altea, L’Olleta’s tale is one of tradition and culinary innovation. Born from the esteemed Chiringuito EL CRANC, founded by Pepe Navarro Barranquí and Pepa Bañuls in 1982, L’Olleta emerged in 2006 as a beacon of

The Dos Toros Experience in Costa Blanca

Perched amidst the picturesque landscapes of Costa Blanca, Dos Toros is more than a restaurant; it’s a destination where exceptional dining meets breathtaking scenery. This review ventures into the heart of Dos Toros, exploring its standout features and the memorable dining experience it

Restobar Gema Penalva: New, Delicious Rices available

Here’s the latest news from Restobar Gema Penalva—a culinary paradise tucked away in Alicante. They’re adding a delightful twist to their menu! Alongside their already mouthwatering offerings, they’re now preparing two unique rice dishes daily. These additions boast a blend of seasonal produce

Indulge in Festive Feasts at Koiné Bistró: Christmas Group Menus & New Year’s Eve Extravaganza!

Celebrate the season of joy and togetherness with Koiné Bistró’s exquisite Christmas group menus and a spectacular New Year’s Eve extravaganza. Join us in savoring culinary delights crafted to perfection amidst the holiday cheer. The spirit of Christmas lies in shared moments of

Exploring Las Cuevas: A Culinary Gem in San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante

In the picturesque town of San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante, lies a unique gastronomic treasure: Las Cuevas. This Michelin-starred restaurant not only offers exquisite delicacies but also provides a culinary experience wrapped in history and charm. Las Cuevas is much more than a

Juan Luis Parra Poza: Culinary Magic Behind Koiné Bistró in Alicante

Flavor, Passion, and Creativity Converge at Koiné Bistró, Alicante’s New Gastronomic Gem, under the Guidance of Juan Luis Parra Poza, a Chef with a Culinary Tale Worth Telling. From Jaén to Alicante: A Journey of Flavors and Dreams Juan Luis Parra Poza, affectionately

Dos Toros Restaurante: A Mediterranean Culinary Oasis

Nestled in the enchanting towns of Benissa and Moraira in the Valencia region, Restaurant Dos Toros beckons you to take a culinary journey like no other. Overlooking the majestic Ifach in Calpe and the glistening Blue Sea, they offer an unforgettable dining experience.

This Thursday, Vall de Pop Opens in the Wonderful Jalon Valley!

Vall de Pop restaurant in the spectacular Jalon Valley will open its doors, promising a top-notch gastronomic experience. This restaurant, led by Belgian chef Wout Sassen, combines typical Mediterranean and Thai cuisine in a delightful menu set against a charming natural backdrop. Vall