Peix & Brases: Denia’s Michelin Star Destination

Nestled near the lively Denia port, Peix & Brases beckons food aficionados to savor the essence of Denia’s culinary artistry. Against the stunning backdrop of Denia Castle and the rhythmic waves of the Mediterranean, this esteemed restaurant proudly boasts a Michelin star, a

El Carreter: A Journey to the Past with a Touch of Creativity

Between Dénia and La Xara, in the vicinity of Xàbia and Jesús Pobre, you’ll find El Carreter. This special corner pays tribute to local history, where farmers used to stop to take a break and enjoy a good moment without getting off their

El Baret de Miquel: Denia’s Hidden Culinary Treasure

Nestled in the heart of Denia, El Baret de Miquel is a true culinary gem that captivates diners with its unassuming charm and honest approach to high cuisine. Chef Miquel Ruiz, a man on a mission to popularize fine dining, has crafted a