Las Cuevas: A Menu That Translates into Expressions of Happiness in a Place Where Magic Resides

We mentioned it a while back, that we would be discussing the new menu at Las Cuevas, designed by Roberto Johansen, chef and owner of the restaurant, along with Vladislav Ivanov, Head Chef, to let us experience the true pleasure of dining. We

Las Cuevas Restaurant in San Miguel de Salinas prepares for a new season with a new menu!

Summer is slowly fading away in the beautiful Costa Blanca, and autumn timidly approaches on the horizon. For the Las Cuevas Restaurant in San Miguel de Salinas, this change of season marks the beginning of an exciting new culinary chapter. After a memorable

About Robert Johansen – Esteemed Chef of Las Cuevas

We delve into the life and background of the chef of our co-sponsor Las Cuevas, Robert Johansen, who has successfully taken over the legendary restaurant in the caves of San Miguel de Salinas.  How often can you say that you’ve had dinner in