Dexcaro & Ossadía: A Culinary Marvel Enthroned in the Repsol Guide

THIS RESTAURANT IN DENIA IS ONE OF THE BEST UP AND COMING IN THE AREA Dexcaro & Ossadía emerges as a beacon of culinary innovation and audacity, celebrated recently by the prestigious Repsol Guide. This spirited and playful restaurant has captivated diners and

Unveiling 2024: Dexcaro Ossadía and Chef Carlos G. Moreno Host New Showcooking at Hogar Guti

Denia’s dynamic culinary scene gears up for an exciting rendezvous in January. Dexcaro Ossadía, renowned for its culinary innovation, partners with the talented Chef Carlos García Moreno for a masterful showcooking alongside Hogar Guti. This event promises to enchant with unparalleled flavors and