Discover the Perfect Wedding Venue at Maset Ferrero, Bocairent

Are you dreaming of a wedding in a breathtaking natural setting? Look no further than Maset Ferrero in Bocairent, the latest offering from the esteemed L’escaleta restaurant. Managed by renowned tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero, this venue promises an unforgettable celebration. Why Choose Maset Ferrero

L’Escaleta and Kiko Moya: Weaving Narratives in Every Bite

In the vibrant enclave of Concentaina, is L’Escaleta, a gastronomic haven where each dish tells a story. From the pages of Spain Life Exclusive, we had the honor of conversing with their renowned chef, Kiko Moya, who graciously welcomed us into his culinary universe,

L’escaleta: Your Dream Wedding Venue in Alicante and Valencia

Set amidst the stunning natural backdrop of Montcabrer and embraced by the verdant splendor of the countryside, L’escaleta awaits. This prestigious restaurant has earned an impeccable reputation as the ideal destination for hosting exclusive and memorable weddings in the province of Alicante and

Explore the Latest at L’escaleta during its Annual Open Doors!

In a warm and inviting February, L’escaleta opens its doors to all couples dreaming of an exceptional wedding. This special event, known as Open Doors, is a unique opportunity for clients and vendors to explore the wonders that L’escaleta has in store. Open

L’Escaleta: Your Ally for Weddings in Unmatched Locations

Embark on an extraordinary journey to L’escaleta, where the stars not only grace the Michelin guide but adorn every dish. Join us for a gastronomic adventure curated by two culinary visionaries—Chef Kiko Moya and Sommelier Alberto Redrado—amidst the serene landscapes of Alicante. Gastronomic

Alicante province Michelin restaurants

Alicante is a treasure trove of culinary delights. Its diverse landscape and proximity to the Mediterranean Sea offer an abundance of fresh, local ingredients that have attracted some of the world’s most talented chefs. For food enthusiasts seeking an unforgettable gastronomic experience, Alicante