Orobianco di Calpe: Celebrating Excellence and Michelin Glory

Orobianco, the unique Italian establishment from Spain highlighted in the 50 Top Italy guide, once again shines in the celestial glow of the gastronomic world, proudly adorned with the prestigious Michelin Star—an emblem that showcases its unwavering dedication to the art of fine

Orobianco Sparkles Again: A Michelin Star Returns to the Culinary Sky of Calpe

Orobianco’s façade is once again adorned with the brilliance of a Michelin star. Under the culinary leadership of Paolo Casagrande, this restaurant has reclaimed the esteemed recognition from the Michelin Guide 2024. Known for its high-end Mediterranean cuisine with a strong Italian influence,

Exclusive Interview with Andrea Drago, Chef of Orobianco Ristorante di Calpe

Exclusive interview with Andrea Drago, the chef who breathes life into this gastronomic oasis, Orobianco di Calpe. Unveils the enchantment awaiting those in search of an authentic experience on the Costa Blanca. With exclusive vistas of the majestic Peñón de Ifach, this restaurant

Orobianco di Calpe invites you to explore its new menu with the arrival of autumn

Calpe, a place blessed by the majesty of the Peñón de Ifach and the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean, is the perfect setting for one of the most exclusive culinary treasures on the Costa Blanca: Orobianco di Calpe. This restaurant invites you to