The Gastronomic Charm of Tula: Where Flavor Finds its Home in Jávea

In the enchanting corner of Jávea, Borja Susilla and Clara Puig de la Bellacasa have breathed life into an extraordinary gastronomic oasis named Tula. It’s not just a restaurant; it’s a tale of passion, tradition, and authenticity that resonates in every dish.

A Mediterranean Hideaway

Jávea, a picturesque coastal town, sets the stage for this heartfelt culinary narrative. Tula is more than just a restaurant; it’s a tribute to Borja’s grandmother, a remarkable cook who influenced his childhood and introduced him to honest and unpretentious cuisine.


Destined Encounter

Borja and Clara, two souls passionate about gastronomy, crossed paths at the renowned Quique Dacosta’s restaurant in Dénia. This encounter marked the beginning of a partnership that would lead them on a culinary journey to a magical corner of the Mediterranean. Together, they shared a desire to create a special place that offered sincere gastronomic experiences.

In the words of Borja and Clara, ‘Our plans in the short to medium term continue to be centered around giving our 100% to Tula. The year 2023 has been exceptional, both professionally and personally. The arrival of our son has brought about a significant change in our lives, but we’ve embraced the return to Tula with great enthusiasm.’

This testimonial encapsulates not just a commitment to the culinary arts but also the genuine joy and transformative moments that life, love, and gastronomy bring to Tula.

The Garreta Family

Tula’s story also features the Garreta Family, generations of local fishermen who supply Jávea with fresh seafood. Their commitment to sustainable fishing and the Japanese Ike Jime technique contributes to the excellence of the ingredients that arrive at Tula.


Commitment to Local Producers

Tula wouldn’t be what it is without the support of local and national suppliers. Farmers, hunters, fishermen, and artisans come together to offer top-quality products. Each of them, passionate about their craft and their land, plays a crucial role in Tula’s success.

The Tula Experience

“At Tula, the menu is a dynamic reflection of our commitment to culinary excellence. It undergoes changes two to three times a year, allowing us to showcase dishes that capture the essence of each season. While some dishes become enduring favorites and stay on the menu for an extended period, others, despite their popularity, may be refreshed to align with the seasonal availability of ingredients or the time of year. Currently, some of our standout dishes include the coveted kokotxas with Iberian pork consommé and artichokes, the Mont Royal pigeon with its escabeche and Dutch sauce of boletus and truffle, and the ear of pork with onion juice and prawn. And, of course, a perennial favorite that has graced our menu since our opening seven years ago—the shisho leaf taco with pancetta, smoked eel, and miso emulsion”, Clara comments.

At Tula, the menu goes beyond being a mere list of dishes; it’s a culinary journey that pays homage to Grandma Tula’s influence on Borja. Every visit promises an authentic experience with flavors that resonate like a comforting home-cooked meal. The combination of a warm welcome and meticulous attention to detail ensures that each visit to Tula is a unique and memorable gastronomic adventure.

An Unassuming Space

Unlike traditional high-end restaurants, Tula isn’t concerned with white tablecloths or elaborate tasting menus. Here, authenticity is the star, and food is presented honestly, aiming to provide a heartwarming gastronomic experience. “The intimate space and the personalized attention we strive to provide to all our customers, along with the cuisine we offer, seem to be appreciated, and we couldn’t be happier about it,” highlights Clara.


The Taste of Tradition

The flavors emerging from Tula’s kitchen are a blend of traditional recipes and innovative approaches. Dishes like the creamy Payoyo cheese and quince cake and the pork ear confit for 8 hours capture the essence of Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist.

Return Home

Tula is more than a restaurant; it’s a gastronomic home where food tastes like tradition and the warmth of the team makes you feel welcome. Whatever your story, Tula is a place where you can find a piece of your home, whether you’re a Jávea local, an expatriate, an occasional visitor, or a returning friend. “Borja takes care of the kitchen; he is passionate about the craft, and his creativity is responsible for the entire culinary offering we provide. I handle the dining room and have been the sommelier for the past 5 years, a decision we made when we realized that one of us had to step into the dining room. Doing so has allowed us to expand the team and improve in many aspects that eluded us when both of us were in the kitchen. We are more of a team than ever,” Clara emphasizes joyfully.

A Menu That Says “Oh La Lá”

Diners at Tula can indulge in a menu that surprises and delights. Dishes like the sea urchin and quince cheese coca, the red prawn fritter, or the grilled hake jowls with Iberian pork broth, textured artichoke, and pine nuts are just a taste of the culinary treasures that await visitors. The pig’s ear with onion juice, roasted garlic praline, and the creamed pear and potato sweetbreads with pear chutney and pear cream are examples of the creativity and flavor that Borja and Clara bring to each dish. Each bite is a unique culinary experience that keeps diners returning to this gastronomic gem in Jávea.

The story of Tula is a celebration of a passion for cooking, authenticity in flavors, and the spirit of community in Jávea. Borja, Clara, and the entire Tula team have created a place where tradition and innovation come together to offer a truly moving gastronomic experience. Tula is a testament that cooking can be a journey back home, where flavors and smiles are familiar, and each dish tells a story.


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