AlmaMater The Exceptional Restaurant In Murcia Has New Dishes To Try This Summer

AlmaMater which is the excellent Chef Juan Guillamón’s restaurant offers one of the greatest gastronomic experiences in Murcia.  With specialist gourmet food, taste and texture combinations plus high-quality ingredients… beautiful presentation, and superb service. Don’t pass this restaurant when in Murcia.

As you know here at Spain Life we can’t help but recommend places and restaurants that are worthy of praise. Today’s feature is dedicated therefore to  AlmaMater and most importantly to its chef Juan Guillamón.  Alma Mater opened in 2019 and has already been recommended by the  Michelin guide as well as being a finalist in several other gastronomic competitions.

Chef Guillamón is the heart and soul of the restaurant and has a deep understanding of cuisine due to its vast experience. He began his culinary journey in London and then went back to his hometown in Murcia to continue his vocation. His expertise has allowed him to travel all around Spain and later debut in several restaurants around the world. Without a doubt, he is one of the best chefs in the region.

The idea behind Alma Mater was to create a restaurant that focused on market food but with high-quality raw materials.  It has become a restaurant where not only the dishes are highly curated but also the staff has been carefully chosen.  We can assure you that from the moment you walk in you will feel taken care of by the amazing team at AlmaMater.

Now let’s talk about the food. The restaurant offers traditional Murcian dishes, but with a gourmet twist. For starters, you will find anchovies, oysters, salt-cured organic foie gras, Octopus, pumpkin, spring garlic fideuá, and much much more. Every dish is so amazing it will be hard to choose.



This Murcian salad of smoked eel and lemon verbena is also an excellent starter option that is included among their new dishes.

If you love to fish you cannot miss their glazed gindara (black cod) with green sauce emulsion and lotus root. Not only will the plating and the colors of the dish blow you away but so will the flavor,, every texture and ingredient has been combined to perfection.

Instead, if you would rather have meat, the restaurant offers diverse options. Our favorite has to be the slow-cooked Segureño breed lamb, vegetable couscous, and spiced potatoes. The meat was tender and delicious and paired perfectly with the couscous. An explosion of flavour that is hard to put into words.

Lastly, you cannot go home without trying one of their amazing desserts. The selection of desserts is enough to please every person in the room! It is evident that everyone has been created with creativity and imagination as they are dishes you won’t find anywhere else in Murcia.

This lemon mousse with a mint meringue and ginger soup is also a fantastic way to have a sweet ending.

Our last recommendation is to give the tasting menu a try. This way you can be guided by the experts through the most amazing culinary experience in Murcia.  The tasting menu includes welcome snacks, three starters, a fish dish, a meat dish, a pre-dessert, dessert, and Petit fours.

So do miss out on this amazing opportunity and remember that chef Juan Guillamón has won best Murcian Chef in 2021 meaning that you are in the best hands.


Address: Calle Madre de Dios, 15, Murcia.

Phone: (+34) 868 069 557



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