Casa Santoja: A dream wedding venue in the heart of Beniarbeig

In the quaint town of Beniarbeig, nestled within the picturesque interior of the Marina Alta region, stands one of the province of Alicante’s 55 illustrious buildings. Welcome to Casa Santonja, a place of enchantment where the facade of this imposing structure is adorned with a lush ivy, while its prominent tower stands tall, making it a sight to behold.

Casa Santoja is a magical space where Grupo El Alto hosts some of their most spectacular weddings, complete with a chapel and outdoor garden ceremonies.

The elegance of the gardens:

For many couples, the allure of Casa Santonja lies in the elegance and lushness of its gardens, which serve as a perfect backdrop for their special day. The venue’s historic cistern has been thoughtfully transformed into a recreational area, providing a unique and surprising touch to the overall ambiance. Set in close proximity to the charming towns of Dénia and Jávea, Grupo El Alto offers an extraordinary celebration amidst the garden’s beauty, basking in the soft glow of moonlight.

The historic charm:

Stepping into Casa Santonja feels like stepping back in time, as it boasts a rich history and an aura of understated grandeur. This historical farmhouse is an ideal choice for hosting both social and corporate events, featuring a Mirador terrace, private parking, a bridal suite, and the convenience of hosting both civil and religious ceremonies.

Casa Santonja is a testament to the captivating blend of history and sophistication. It exudes an air of tranquility that instantly puts guests at ease while also fostering a sense of wonderment. From the moment one enters its enchanting gates, it becomes evident that this venue is more than just a building; it is a place where dreams come true.

Unforgettable celebrations under the moonlight:

For couples seeking a romantic and timeless setting to exchange their vows, Casa Santonja becomes an irresistible choice. The intimate chapel sets the scene for a heartfelt ceremony, while the lush garden offers a captivating environment for a memorable outdoor affair. Whether it is a lavish extravaganza or an intimate gathering, this beautiful wedding venue in Alicante province can cater to all types of celebrations, ensuring that every moment of the wedding day is filled with joy and happiness.

A historic Masía ideal for every occasion:

Grupo El Alto’s dedication to creating unforgettable experiences is evident in every aspect of the Casa Santonja wedding venue. The attentive staff works tirelessly to ensure that every detail is meticulously planned and executed to perfection, leaving the couple and their guests with cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

Casa Santonja in Beniarbeig stands as a beacon of timeless beauty and history, offering couples an idyllic setting to celebrate their love. From its alluring facade draped in ivy to its captivating garden and historic elements, this wedding venue in Costa Blanca sets the stage for a truly extraordinary experience. With Grupo El Alto‘s expertise in curating unforgettable celebrations, Casa Santonja remains a cherished destination for those seeking a wedding day that transcends imagination and exceeds all expectations.

Contact details:

Casa Santonja address: CV-729, s/n, 03778 Beniarbeig, Alicante

El Alto Head Office:

Plaza del Ayuntamiento 16, 2nd floor; 46002, Valencia

El Alto wedding commercial office:

Masía Aldamar Crta Godelleta Km 1.1; 46370, Chiva, Valencia

Phone: 963 44 89 44





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