Crafting Culinary Communities in Denia: Fuego and Basta!

Eight years ago, a culinary concept was born that would evolve into a celebrated institution in Denia, captivating Europeans with its exceptional dining experiences and vibrant music nights. Fuego and Basta!, under the visionary leadership of Arjan Dros, alongside dedicated managers Menno and Whitney, have become more than just restaurants; they are the heartbeats of communal joy and gastronomic excellence. While many may recognize the names Basta! and Fuego, the story behind their rise is as compelling as the flavors they serve. It’s a tale of how Arjan, with his team, has meticulously woven a tapestry of delightful dining, where every guest’s experience is a testament to the unwavering commitment and passion that defines their ethos.

In the vibrant town of Denia, two culinary gems, Fuego and Basta!, stand as testaments to the vision of Arjan Dros. From Holland to Bali and finally to Denia, Dros’s gastronomic journey weaves a global narrative into the local fabric of this bustling town.

In Dros’s words, “The ambiance at both Fuego and Basta! is designed for freedom and enjoyment. It’s not about formalities; it’s about creating a space where guests can laugh, enjoy loud music, and relish the sun and shade, all without the need to book a table.” 

This philosophy encapsulates the essence of dining at Fuego and Basta!, where every visit is an invitation to celebrate the joy of food, community, and the vibrant spirit of Denia.

A Global Journey Culminating in Denia

Arjan Dros’s path to Denia was paved with rich experiences from around the globe. Having established successful ventures in Bali and Holland, he initially purchased land in Denia with the intention of building a house. Captivated by the town’s enchanting atmosphere and healthy lifestyle, Dros pivoted and decided to call Denia home almost 10 years ago.  He then sold his overseas businesses to invest his passion and expertise in Denia.

“The town has the perfect balance, being big enough for variety yet small enough to maintain a community feel, made it ideal for setting up Fuego and Basta. It offers everything from gyms to sports without the overwhelming buzz of a cosmopolitan city,” Dros shares, reflecting on his decision to root his new culinary pursuits in Denia.

Fuego: Celebrating the Art of Grilled Simplicity

Fuego epitomizes the beauty of simplicity, where the grill’s charm elevates the finest ingredients. 

In Fuego, the kitchen is helmed by the talented Chef Yoconda, while the front-of-house is expertly managed by Whitney.

“Our philosophy is simple – to showcase the intrinsic flavors of high-quality meats, fish, and produce through the art of grilling, and this is also a healthier way to eat,” Dros articulates. This is a similar concept to a restaurant he previously owned in Holland. They currently have 2 branches now- one in La Marina and one in Centro.

Fuego’s ambiance is equally inviting, open every day for dining from morning till night, offering everything from breakfasts to desserts, set in a space where the communal joy of sharing a meal is cherished. The menu is a testament to this ethos, with a diverse range including drinks, breakfasts, tapas, starters, salads, grilled specialties, burgers, children’s meals, and desserts– each prepared to create lasting memories.

Basta!: A Melange of Global Flavors

Basta! stands as a culinary crossroads where Eastern meets Mediterranean, crafted in collaboration with chefs Remco and management head Menno. At Basta!, their collective vision comes to life, merging diverse cuisines to offer something truly special. 

Beyond its innovative menu, Basta! offers a plethora of dining choices, from tapas and sandwiches to desserts, cocktails, and drinks, ensuring a comprehensive gastronomic journey that spans from east to west. 

The ambiance at Basta!, like Fuego, encourages a relaxed and joyful dining experience, where guests are invited to revel in the freedom of the moment, embraced by a lively setting that resonates with laughter and conversation.

Leadership under Arjan

In the words of Arjan Dros, the visionary behind Denia’s beloved Fuego and Basta!, “Management is more important than me.” This humble assertion underscores a deep-seated belief in the power of teamwork and collaboration that defines his approach to culinary excellence. For Dros, the essence of each concept and the success of every dish hinge on a collective effort, weaving together the skills, creativity, and dedication of the entire team. “Our achievements are not mine alone but the result of a shared vision and mutual respect among all staff members,” Dros reflects, highlighting the communal spirit that is the true backbone of both Fuego and Basta!. This philosophy not only fosters a harmonious work environment but also elevates the dining experience for every guest who walks through their doors.

Disclaimer: We also wish to inform you that the Fuego restaurant in Javea is not allied to Basta! and Fuego in Denia, they are separate companies and restaurants.


Contact Details

Fuego La Marina 

+34 965 43 97 48


03700, DÉNIA

Fuego Centro

+34 965 788 549


03700, DENIA


+34 965 75 39 88

Marina de Dénia, Local C2

03700 Dénia (Alicante)




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