Discover Dani Carnero’s Culinary Magic in Málaga and Andalusia

Dani Carnero is a prominent figure among the generation of chefs who have completely transformed the gastronomic landscape of Málaga and Andalusia. His cuisine pays homage to the richness of local produce, sourced both from the land and the sea. It seamlessly blends the region’s exquisite flavors with the traditional culinary heritage of Malaga, all viewed through a modern lens honed among some of the culinary greats. In his restaurants, each dish is a masterpiece that celebrates the authenticity of local flavors, captivating even the most discerning palates. If you’re in search of an unforgettable gastronomic experience in Málaga, Dani Carnero’s talent and creativity eagerly await your arrival. Come and savor the pleasure of reinvented Andalusian cuisine!


The Beginning

At the age of 15, Dani Carnero had already decided that his future lay in the world of culinary arts. He ventured to Switzerland, where he began working with Ignacio Muguruza, and later, to the Basque Country under the guidance of Berasategui. A stint with Manolo de la Osa and a year at El Bulli were his final steps before founding La Cosmopolita, a “guiso-bar” in the heart of Málaga, self-described as a gastronomic must-visit. La Cosmopolita paved the way for Kaleja, where Dani realized his culinary vision and values, and La Cosmo, designed to appeal to a younger, adventurous, and well-traveled diner.


Signature Style

Dani Carnero is part of the generation of chefs who have reshaped the culinary landscape of Málaga and Andalusia. His menu showcases the most exquisite local ingredients from both land and sea, blending the traditional Malaga recipe book with a modern perspective forged among culinary legends. With dedicated kitchen and front-of-house teams executing and enhancing his culinary vision, all of his ventures have become culinary pilgrimage destinations.

Operations, Design, and Communication

In addition to the kitchen and front-of-house teams across the three restaurants, the group relies on Marisol Sánchez, Dani’s wife, for accounting and operations, and GOMA, a communications studio, for all matters related to photography, branding, and design for their projects.


La Cosmopolita

A free table, in a free state of mind. Launched in 2010, Dani’s “guisobar” laid the foundation for a personal project that quickly earned a place in the local culinary scene. Notable items on the menu include the “Callos Frank Sinatra (a mi manera),” the Russian Salad, and the Bone Marrow with Prawn Tartare.


The alley where Dani creates his culinary magic. Since 2019, it’s a place where open flame takes center stage, and seasonal ingredients reign supreme in two tasting menu options, “Memoria” and “Gran Memoria,” available either at the kitchen bar or in the dining room.


La Cosmo

Dani Carnero’s “youngest child.” Opened in 2022, this gastronomic workshop centers its identity around the ingredients, with an absolute focus on their origins and producers. With a dynamic and ever-changing menu, standout dishes include the Ensaladilla, La Gilda, and the Breaded Sirloi.


Contact details: 

C./ Marquesa de Moya, 5. 29005, Málaga

+34 952 600 000



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