Discover the Culinary Magic of Koiné Bistro: A Haven of Flavors and Warmth

After years of international culinary exploration, Juanlu Parra decided to bring a touch of his Andalusian roots to Alicante by establishing his own restaurant – Koiné Bistró. This gastronomic gem on the Costa Blanca introduces a disruptive culinary proposal that stands out in the local dining scene.

Elevating the dining experience to Michelin-star quality, Koiné Bistro is a must-visit on your gastronomic journey. It seamlessly blends local flavors with Andalusian influences, offering a diverse array of exquisite dishes. From oysters to fresh catches of the sea and delightful homemade desserts, the menu is a culinary adventure in itself.

Yet, Koiné Bistro is more than just exceptional cuisine. The ambiance is uniquely warm and inviting – a combination of colors, decor, and textures that encourages leisurely dining. The restaurant’s name, derived from the Greek word “Koiné,” which historically facilitated transactions and mutual understanding among people, perfectly captures the essence of Koiné Bistro. It’s a space where people come together through the language of food.

Freshly reopened, we invite you to reserve a table and savor a top-notch dining experience in the enchanting city of Alicante.

Highlights from the Menu

  • Oysters:

Natural Oyster

Oyster with cuttlefish mignonette

Oyster with pistachio ajoblanco and pickled sea fennel

Hot oyster with citrus beurre blanc

  • Croissant Bread:

Croissant bread with steak tartare, mushroom cream, and smoked eel

Croissant bread with roasted eggplant and XL anchovy

  • From the Sea:

Green gazpacho with seasonal vegetables and Santa Pola prawns

Red tuna belly speared with fried Piparras peppers and freshly baked bread for dipping

Smoked eel, aged cow coppa, and nori in a dry rice dish

  • From the Land:

Aged picanha steak tartare with smoked eel cream on marrow and warm croissant

It’s important to note that all raw fish served has been frozen for 24 hours. The wild red tuna comes from the historic Almadraba of Cádiz, following an ancient method dating back to pre-Roman times. Working with Mediterranean products and drawing inspiration from regions like Málaga and Cádiz, Koiné Bistro showcases culinary marvels such as confit-fried suckling pig ear with Iberian sauce, Málaga-style ajoblanco with pineapple granita, mint, and sea urchin yolk, and oysters with pistachio ajoblanco. The daily-changing rice dishes and fish offerings embrace the essence of seasonality.

Every dish is a testament to the chef’s passion for creating unique and unforgettable culinary experiences. Come and indulge in the artistry of Koiné Bistro, where tradition meets innovation in every delectable bite.


Monday to Saturday

Lunch: 1:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Dinner: 8:00 PM – 12:00 AM



Contact details

Address: 03001 Bazan 45, Alicante

Phone: 865 724 722





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