Discover the enchanting wedding venue: Casa Benigalip

In the heart of the Marina Alta province in Alicante, one can find one of the most charming and captivating venues: Casa Benigalip.

This 18th-century farmhouse is not just a historical relic; it is a unique space spread over 50,000 square meters, seamlessly blending the distant past with the contemporary present, traditional architecture with cutting-edge elements, and authentic local cuisine with the latest culinary technologies.

Casa Benigalip is much more than a mere location; it exudes history, elegance, tradition, and luxury. Stepping within its walls is an experience unlike any other, where guests are surrounded by a meticulously designed complex, dreamy gardens, and countless spaces to explore. With seven thoughtfully designed areas, events held here are effortlessly transformed into dreams.

At the heart of this breathtaking setting stands Casa Benigalip, around which two grand gardens, the Garden of Olives, and the Main Garden are situated. Adjacent to the latter lies the multifunctional space named “Albero y Piedra,” which offers a delightful contrast to the expansive exterior pergola.

Apart from these captivating spaces, other available areas include the chillout zone, the interior courtyard, parking areas, the farm, and the crop fields. Casa Benigalip leaves no stone unturned in providing an all-encompassing and magical experience for every event.

For Weddings and Celebrations, Casa Benigalip offers couples the chance to indulge in their wildest dreams. The venue’s uniqueness elevates each event to an extraordinary affair, surrounded by a fusion of history and modernity, nature and innovation.

Not only for weddings, but Casa Benigalip is also equipped to host various family events such as communions, baptisms, and special parties. The sprawling venue ensures that every celebration is infused with the charm and grandeur it deserves.

Furthermore, Casa Benigalip is the ideal choice for businesses in need of a memorable venue for their corporate events. From small high-level conventions to worldwide product launches, the facilities are perfectly tailored to cater to diverse business needs.

The team at Casa Benigalip is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for every occasion. With a blend of historic allure and contemporary amenities, guests are transported to a realm where dreams become reality. Whether it is a joyous celebration of love, a significant family milestone, or a momentous corporate gathering, Casa Benigalip is the epitome of elegance and splendor.

Prepare to be enchanted as you step into the wondrous world of Casa Benigalip—an extraordinary venue in Alicante province, where history, tradition, and modernity unite to create an unforgettable experience.

Contact details:

Partida Beniganim, 4, 03780, Alicante

+34 696 44 69 40



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