Discover the Retreat Paradise at Porta Maris, Jávea: Wellness, Team Building, and Nature All in One Place!

Are you searching for the perfect location to host your next yoga retreat, fitness getaway, or corporate event? Look no further than Porta Maris in Jávea!

Porta Maris: Where Tranquility Meets Inspiration for Yoga Retreats and Corporate Events

Picture a place where tranquility meets comfort, where nature surrounds you and inspires you to reach your goals. At Porta Maris, this is a reality. With its spacious interiors and breathtaking sea views, this villa is more than just a vacation getaway. It’s the perfect place to disconnect, reflect, and grow both personally and professionally.

In addition to being one of the favorite destinations in North Costa Blanca for hosting yoga retreats, fitness getaways, or corporate events, Porta Maris has also hosted meetings for executives from telecommunications and technology companies. Here, they can reflect on the future of their companies in a different setting and engage in team-building activities.

The size of the house and the availability of 8 double bedrooms allow for relatively large groups to stay in total comfort, both in summer and winter. The villa is perfectly equipped to be used all year round.

Privacy is paramount at Porta Maris. With expansive flat areas in the garden, perfect for yoga, pilates, or fitness activities, guests can train without being seen or bothered by neighbors or onlookers. The villa is located on the slopes of Cabo de San Martín, with wonderful sea views and in a very quiet neighborhood of high-standing single-family homes.

The huge swimming pool and fully equipped kitchen are just some of the luxuries Porta Maris offers. Here, groups can cook for their clients or bring their own chefs to prepare vegetarian or macrobiotic cuisine.

Additionally, the cinema room can be used for presentations, conferences, or tutorials on any topic, as support for training, active sessions, or community-building activities.

The owners of Porta Maris are accustomed to the specific needs of retreat groups and can provide all the assistance needed to make the retreat a success: transportation rental, hiring of chefs or catering, auxiliary yoga teachers, mats, complementary activities outside the house, and more.

Enhance Your Retreat in Jávea with Exciting Complementary Activities

Not to mention that Jávea is an ideal place to enrich the retreat with other activities outside the property. Almost all groups that hold retreats at our house organize complementary activities for their clients such as boat rentals, kayaking excursions, cultural visits, or gastronomic events. The range of complementary activities is overwhelming, and we advise retreat organizers on the most appropriate ones for their clients.ávea

Can you picture your next retreat at Porta Maris? Contact Porta Maris and discover the perfect balance between work, wellness, and nature in this paradise of North Costa Blanca!


Porta Maris Javea

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