Fostering Community: Porta Maris Jávea’s Commitment

In Jávea, Porta Maris Jávea stands out not only for its coastal charm but also for its deep-rooted commitment to its community. Beyond being an accommodation destination, it stands as a pillar of support and collaboration for the network of local people and businesses, weaving a web of positive impact that resonates throughout this beautiful region.

Recognizing its role as an economic engine, Porta Maris Jávea nurtures a network of local employees, creating doors to quality and sustainable jobs. Their commitment focuses not only on quantity but on the quality of these opportunities. With around 15 individuals, each brings dedication and skills to maintain excellence in property service and maintenance. It’s crucial for the company that all its collaborators are fully aware of their fiscal and labor responsibilities, emphasizing an ethical commitment that drives every interaction.

The essence of their commitment lies in the long-term relationship with their collaborators, prioritizing mutual trust and respect. This deep connection allows them an exceptional understanding of each property, responding promptly and efficiently to any situation, a hallmark that defines their service. Porta Maris Jávea not only takes pride in its workforce but also celebrates diversity and the role of women entrepreneurs, leading some of their primary providers. This inclusive approach extends further, showing sensitivity to special situations, such as caring for individuals with severe disabilities, demonstrating their commitment to equality and inclusion.

During challenging times, the company stood firm in its commitment, sustaining its collaborations even when economic difficulties loomed during the pandemic. This show of support not only highlights their integrity but has been repaid with loyalty and renewed commitment from their collaborators.

However, their commitment goes beyond the workplace. Porta Maris Jávea becomes an active advocate for local consumption, encouraging its guests to explore beyond conventional tourist routes. Through their Porta Maris Guide to Jávea and its surroundings, available in multiple languages and updated annually, they provide a detailed look at over 100 local businesses. This guide, spanning 54 pages, is a comprehensive compilation inviting visitors to discover the gastronomic, artisanal, and historical richness of Jávea and its environs.

Porta Maris Jávea transcends the conventional accommodation concept. Its deep commitment to the local community not only defines its identity but also serves as the guiding light illuminating its mission toward a positive and enduring impact in the beautiful region of Jávea.

Download the Porta Maris guide and discover all you can do on the Costa Blanca.


Contact details:

Address: Calle Gaviotas 6, 03739 Jávea, Spain

Phone: (+34) 648 748 635

IG: @portamarisjavea



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