Gastronomic Anarchy at La Salita: Where Flavors Dance with Begoña Rodrigo’s Creativity

At the heart of Valencia, La Salita is the stage where chef Begoña Rodrigo turns ingredients into culinary poetry. Discover a universe of flavors and experiences that defy the ordinary.

Culinary Melodies: Enchanting Menus

Nestled within Valencia’s heart lies a culinary gem, La Salita. Begoña Rodrigo, a visionary chef whose gastronomic prowess has been adorned with a coveted Michelin star and two Repsol suns, orchestrates an ethereal experience within its walls. Here, the essence of her creations dances amidst a palette of vegetables, seafood, and fish.

Within La Salita’s embrace, each moment becomes a symphony of flavors. The menus, more like lyrical verses, weave tales of culinary craftsmanship. Consider the Novença menu, an opus of delicate intricacies—berlina de anguila, tomato raf and “cassoleta” cheese, an ode to fennel and gazpacho’s merengue, and a daring faux spicy tuna nigiri.

In the Sangonereta menu, the journey continues—a play of sardines, cauliflower ice cream, and the enigmatic allure of anguilla interweave to charm the senses. Tomate raf and “cassoleta” cheese take center stage, while autumn’s broth and terrine of rabbit delight the palate.

For the young gourmands, a symphony of taste awaits in the children’s menu. Croquettes, fried egg berlina, a vegetable sandwich, and a savory lasagna compose this delightful chorus for the little ones.

But La Salita isn’t just a realm of culinary excellence; it’s a haven for libations too. Denys Cherkasov, the alchemist behind the bar, crafts liquid poetry that beckons guests into the realm of anarchy, a unique experience in Valencia’s heart.

However, La Salita transcends beyond mere dining; it’s an experience enshrined in an 18th-century palace with a sprawling 400m² terrace, an ideal canvas for unforgettable events. A link to their events dossier invites guests to transform any occasion into a resounding success.


Begoña Rodrigo: The Master of Gastronomic Anarchy

At the heart of this gastronomic marvel is Begoña Rodrigo, the luminary behind the concept of Anarkía. Her journey, a testament to culinary courage and relentless pursuit of her passions, culminates in the breathtaking La Salita. An entrepreneur with a penchant for defying norms, she champions Farcit, bocatas by BR, and melds her culinary dreams within Anarkía’s embrace—an idea as wild as it is brilliant.

In the palatial grandeur of La Salita, Begoña Rodrigo invites patrons on an odyssey, where every bite and sip is a celebration of unbridled creativity and gastronomic mastery.


Cocktails with a Rebel Spirit and Timeless Events

Denys Cherkasov offers a personal and artisanal vision of conventional mixology at La Salita’s bar, introducing guests to the anarchy movement in a unique setting in the center of Valencia. Reservations come with a secret code to unlock the doors to this liquid paradise.


Additionally, La Salita transforms into an enchanting venue for events—an exquisitely preserved 18th-century palace with a 400m² terrace becomes a canvas for success. Whether it’s a special event, a conference, or a unique celebration, this space promises to elevate every experience.


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