Guests at Porta Maris Jávea enjoy top gastronomy in Costa Blanca

Porta Maris Jávea is an ideal place to indulge in and experience high-level gastronomy on the Costa Blanca. This luxury facility offers vicinity to those gastronomic landmarks with stunning views of the sea.


The Costa Blanca is known for its gastronomy that combines tradition and innovation, and in this regard, Porta Maris Jávea is the perfect accommodation to explore culinary temples such as Quique Dacosta, Bon Amb, Tula, Peix i Brases, Casa Pepa, La Perla de Jávea, Tosca, L’Escaleta, Audrey’s, and Beat.



Alongside the Basque Country, Madrid, and Barcelona, the province with the highest concentration of high-level dining in Spain is located on the Costa Blanca with 11 Michelin-starred restaurants, with a total of 15 stars in 2023.

Porta Maris Javea’s Guest Guide provides an extensive selection of recommended restaurants, wineries, and markets for the discerning foodies, ensuring their stay in the Villa is unforgettable. Moreover, guests can explore the Mercat de Javea or the Mercat del Riu Rau de Jesus Pobre to purchase fresh, organic, and local products.



In addition to gastronomy, the Costa Blanca is also renowed for its wine. Renowned winemakers such as Pepe Mendoza Casa Agrícola, Bodegas Gutiérrez de la Vega, and Bodegas Xalo are in short distance to the Villa. Their award-winning wines can be found in wine guides such as Parker/Wine Advocate or Peñín, including the marvelous “Fierroca,” “Pureza,” or “Recóndita Armonía.”

At Porta Maris Jávea, guests can enjoy cooking facilities equipped for any type of gastronomy, with a specially equipped kitchen. They can also make use of the outdoor barbecue and paella pans while taking advantage of the spectacular climate of the Alicante coast. Additionally, the terrace of Porta Maris offers stunning sea views to its visitors.



Another reason to choose Porta Maris Jávea is that guests can hire in-house chefs for special celebrations, showcookings, or simply to learn how to cook local dishes. Those who have had this experience highly recommend it.



Porta Maris Jávea collaborates with locally renowned chefs who offer tailored experiences for guests. For example, Khris Jaime, an expert in rice dishes and Mediterranean haute cuisine, a professor at the Altea Culinary School, has worked in several Michelin-starred restaurants and constantly seeks to expand her culinary expertise.


Khris Jaime cooking for guests


Another frequent chef at Porta Maris is Sandra Uchu, a Peruvian chef specializing in Nikkei, Peruvian, and Asian cuisine, with 20 years of experience working with various gastronomies and cultures.

Gastronomic creation by Sandra Uchu


We invite you to explore the Porta Maris Jávea Guest Guide and immerse yourself in a diverse range of proposals that will entice you to visit the Villa and enjoy them firsthand.



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