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Spain Life Exclusive had a delightful interview with Celia Rodríguez Lima, CEO of Hotel Lima Marbella, who shared what makes this location in a privileged area of Marbella so special. Discover more about it!

SLE: Good day, Celia! Please, tell us about your role within the hotel and what you enjoy most about managing it.

CELIA: I’m a co-owner, along with four other people, of a family-run hotel that is about to celebrate its 60th anniversary. Our hotel has a long-standing family tradition, first run by my grandparents, then by our parents, and now by us, the five cousins. Within our hotel management structure, we have formed committees, and each of us is responsible for one aspect. I am in charge of communications, social media, and the cultural agenda, which I’m passionate about. In my case, it’s something that truly excites me, makes me happy— I hit the jackpot!

Of course, we have general committees to discuss various matters. Designated individuals are responsible for overseeing all aspects.

Left: Celia with Jota from Los Planetas and Sr. Chinarro; Right: Celia with Antonio Arias

Communications, social media, and the cultural agenda is something that truly excites me, makes me happy— I hit the jackpot!” – Celia Rodríguez Lima, CEO of Hotel Lima Marbella.


SLE: Now that we understand your role, could you tell us what makes this hotel special compared to others in the area?

CELIA: Hotel Lima Marbella hosts cultural events and is located on a privileged street in Marbella, just 30 meters from the beach. It is a small hotel, but what sets it apart is the presence of arts, cinema, concerts and exhibitions. We, the five owners, are passionate about culture, which has always been a part of our family. My mother owned an art gallery, and my grandfather hosted cultural gatherings at La Casa de Marbella before the casino was built. It was the hub of the local community and a home for both locals and travelers. We have created a unique cultural experience, not just a hotel. Our space allows people to engage with culture and serves a hub for cultural activities.


SLE: Could you please provide information on the cultural events scheduled for the remainder of 2024, including painting, cinema, and readings?

CELIA: We will continue with Lima Contemporánea until September, which is space dedicated to the arts where we showcase works by renowned artists, curated by Paco Sanguino. We have four more artists lined up: Estella Kamazon today; Libiana Leona on Friday, May 3rd; Lía García on Friday, June 7th; Rosario Olarte on Friday, July 5th and Pablo Fernández Pujol on Friday, August 2nd. After that, we will continue with contemporary art, possibly in a new cycle. All of these artists are all from Marbella and Andalusia, but we plan to expand to new regions.

Book presentations have concluded and we kick off concerts on Saturday the 13th. The artist performing is yet to be revealed! Our rooftop will be filled with exciting concerts throughout April, May and June!

This year, Eric Giménez, a renowned Spanish drummer in the Rock and Indie Pop genres and a member of Los Planetas and Lagartija Nick, visited to present a documentary titled The Importance of Being Called Ernesto and the Stupidity of Being Called Eric, which has been nominated for the Goya Awards We aim to continue showcasing documentaries, but primarily during the low season.

Sunsets on the rooftop are not to be missed. Come join us!

SLE: Could you tell us about the hotel’s plans for the rest of the year?

CELIA: We are only 30 meters away from the beach, so you can look forward to a summer filled with sunshine. Hopefully, all the necessary rain has already fallen! We have agreements with many of Marbella’s golf courses and offer a transfer service with golf packages included, as well as full board.

Golfers truly enjoy the wonderful courses here and some have been coming for years. The days are always sunny, and our agreements last throughout the year. Guests can find packages to visit our hotel by contacting any golf course.

Conversing with Celia was a genuine pleasure. The kindness that characterizes her is the same that you will encounter when you step through the doors of Hotel Lima Marbella. If you are looking for a place where you can feel at home, where details are paramount, and where you can spend quality time with your loved ones, then this is the place for you. Contact the hotel to make a reservation for your stay, and why not, you may wish to indulge in a delicious meal or take in the stunning sunset from their beautiful terrace.

*We appreciate the photographs by Chachi Machuca and Rafa Cabrera!



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