Indulge in Culinary Excellence at Los Bandidos by Jill Lindberg

Nestled in the vibrant Puerto Banús of Marbella, Los Bandidos by Jill Lindberg emerges as a beacon of gastronomic brilliance. Jill Lindberg, the culinary virtuoso behind this establishment, orchestrates an experience that goes beyond the ordinary, embracing a harmonious fusion of flavors, meticulous attention to detail, and an unwavering commitment to culinary distinction.

Upon stepping into Los Bandidos, guests are greeted by an ambiance that effortlessly combines sophistication with an inviting charm. The décor, exuding elegance and warmth, sets the stage for an extraordinary dining adventure.


The menu tantalizes with an array of exquisite starters that serve as an appetizing prelude to the gastronomic journey ahead:

  • Tuna Tartare on Almadraba tuna, avocado, and toast
  • Pata Negra Bellota Ham from our selected reserve
  • Butter Garlic Snails with a blend of spices and fine herbs
  • Avocado with Norwegian shrimp and cocktail sauce


For those craving freshness and innovation, Los Bandidos presents a salad selection that’s both refreshing and indulgent:

  • Cherry Tomato, Fresh Goat Cheese, and Basil Salad
  • Lobster Salad, Swedish-style
  • Classic Caesar Salad with romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, and Parmesan

Creams and Soups

Indulge in comforting indulgence with our carefully crafted soups and creams:

  • Homemade Consommé with crispy Parmesan
  • Blue Lobster Cream with a pastry hat
  • Kurt’s Favorite Sirloin with black pepper sauce and gratin fettuccine
  • Los Bandidos Steak Tartare with toast and French fries

Meats and Poultry

Los Bandidos presents an enticing selection for meat lovers, showcasing quality and flavor:

  • Grilled Beef Tenderloin with a choice of five pepper or béarnaise sauce, accompanied by vegetables and Lyonnaise potatoes
  • Fondue Bourguignonne with six sauces (minimum 2 people)
  • White Veal Entrecote with fresh cream chantarelles
  • Grilled White Veal T-bone steak

Fresh and Hard Wheat Pasta

Satisfy pasta cravings with our selection of fresh and dried pasta dishes:

  • Spaghetti in garlic sauce with ivory prawns, chili, and fine herbs
  • Green Fettuccine with mushrooms, cream, and gratin cheese


The seafood choices at Los Bandidos promise an oceanic delight:

  • Grilled Turbot with boiled potatoes and hollandaise sauce
  • Fresh Almadraba Tuna on the grill with vegetable risotto
  • Wild Sea Bass in butter with capers

Beyond its culinary prowess, Los Bandidos is a space where memories are made. Whether it’s an evening out with friends, a family celebration, or a romantic escapade, the extensive menu, wide array of wines, and cocktail selection ensure a delightful experience for every palate and occasion.

For those seeking an exceptional dining experience in Puerto Banús, Los Bandidos stands as an invitation to savor unforgettable moments. Nestled at Muelle Ribera 35, Puerto Banús, Nueva Andaucía, Marbella, this culinary gem awaits your visit.



Contact Details

Muelle Ribera 35, Puerto Banús, 29660 Nueva Andaucía, Marbella (Málaga)

Phone: +34 952 815 915

Mobile: +34 654 018 967

Instagram: bandidosbanus

Facebook: restaurantelosbandidos




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