La Venta del Collao: A Dining Experience That Takes You to Grandma’s House

Nestled amidst a valley where nature takes center stage, La Venta del Collao stands as a restaurant that has preserved its menu unchanged over time, continuing to captivate the palates of its diners. Esmeralda, wife of Saoro, the restaurant’s chef, shares some insights about this culinary gem.

“We started 15 years ago, working for the previous owners. We’ve always loved this place because of its location,” Esmeralda shares. The restaurant only opens from Wednesday to Sunday during lunchtime, as there is no electricity at night in its surroundings. Currently, they operate with a generator, and water is transported uphill in tanks to the mountain where the restaurant is located. “It’s very beautiful, but also quite laborious,” she emphasizes.

Despite the infrastructure limitations that prevent the restaurant from operating at night, La Venta del Collao has earned the loyalty of its customers thanks to its varied and fresh menu.


The heart of this restaurant is its kitchen, albeit small, where Saoro, his nephew, and Abelardo work tirelessly to offer delicious dishes. “Delicious appetizers, tender meats, oven-baked lamb, crispy pork knuckle on the outside. It’s truly impressive to produce so many dishes from such a small kitchen where the chefs work,” comments Esmeralda proudly.

Saoro is a chef by experience. From a young age, he watched his mother cook tirelessly and learned all the secrets from her hands, gradually perfecting them over time to create a variety of dishes that diners truly love and repeatedly request. One of them is the duck fideuá, a delight that diners greatly enjoy. “People come and maybe order the same dish three times a month; they don’t want to change because they love the traditional dishes,” adds Esmeralda, surprised by this fact.

The satisfaction of seeing customers enjoy every bite is what drives Saoro and his team to continue offering the best of their traditional cuisine. “This current menu brings us a lot of satisfaction when we see that customers enjoy it so much. People don’t demand changes. Sometimes they ask for the stew, but they are very happy with the usual menu,” reveals Esmeralda with a smile.

In addition to their commitment to culinary excellence, La Venta del Collao is also committed to the environment. “We are now about to install solar panels because we want to be in tune with nature conservation,” she says.

With opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday and holidays at lunchtime, La Venta del Collao opens its doors from 11 AM to offer coffee, and its kitchen is available from 1 PM to 3:30 PM to delight its diners with its exquisite gastronomic offerings.

Contact details

Address: Partida del Camí del Collao, S/N Benimaurell, Alicante

Phone: 649 59 05 38



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