Los Marinos José: A Coastal Culinary Gem in Fuengirola

Nestled along the Costa del Sol, Los Marinos José is a timeless classic that enchants diners with its extraordinary seafood offerings. The Sanchez family, led by the visionary Don José, has transformed this beachside chiringuito (beach shack restaurant) into a culinary destination renowned not only within Fuengirola but across the entire province of Málaga and beyond.


The restaurant’s interior boasts a spacious dining room, complemented by a charming terrace overlooking the waterfront promenade. Specializing in top-tier fish and seafood, Los Marinos José invites patrons to indulge in an impressive array of offerings, with the privilege of hand-selecting their preferred catches.

Pablo Sánchez, the culinary mastermind, takes seafood preparation to new heights. Beyond traditional grilling and frying techniques, he ventures into culinary exploration, reviving forgotten recipes and crafting inventive dishes that make the most of each ingredient.

Over three decades, Los Marinos José has transformed from a humble beachside eatery into one of the finest dining establishments in Spain, boasting exceptional seafood. The family’s discerning eye for quality and an unwavering commitment to culinary excellence have been pivotal in their journey. Their display of fresh catches is a mesmerizing sight; squid come to life with 3D eyes, snappers glisten as if kissed by sunlight, delicate razor clams resemble exquisite drawings—the diversity and quality are unmatched.

Driven by intuition, curiosity, and a desire for progress, the Sanchez family continually hones their craft. José, Pablo, and their siblings drew inspiration from their own household and the finest restaurants in Spain and beyond. A recent refurbishment marked the beginning of a new era, maintaining the vibrant spirit of a beachside chiringuito while embracing growth.

The restaurant’s seafood-laden counter is a spectacle to behold, a mesmerizing display of marine treasures. From Vélez Málaga prawns to Fuengirola’s mantis shrimps and soft-shell crabs, the Mediterranean and the Atlantic converge, offering a grand marine banquet. The accompanying wine selection is a testament to José Sánchez’s expertise, with over 250 Spanish and international references. Trust his guidance for a perfect pairing.

Pablo’s daily visits to the Fuengirola fish market underscore his commitment to quality. He nurtures a connection with the sea, observing boats and engaging with fishermen. This hands-on approach extends to the kitchen, where his mastery of oven, fryer, and grill techniques shines. Their cuisine is a celebration of simplicity; they fry or boil based on size and freshness, allowing the flavors to shine through.

Innovation propels Los Marinos José forward, with Pablo and his team embracing culinary challenges. Exotic dishes like langosta chiguata, tortilla made from anchovy roe, and spitted mullets push boundaries, resulting in unexpected delights. These explorations have led to extraordinary creations, each showcasing the family’s dedication to delivering unique experiences.



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P.º Marítimo Rey de España, 161, 29640 Fuengirola, Málaga




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