Paolo Casagrande: The Chef of Emotions

Paolo Casagrande, the executive chef of Orobianco, immersed himself in the world of cooking from a very young age, already knowing that his mission would be to bring happiness to people through food. He’s often referred to as “The Chef of Emotions,” because what other purpose does cooking for others serve if not to evoke emotions through each creative dish presented.

Currently serving as the culinary director of this prestigious restaurant located in Calpe, he has appointed Andrea Drago as the head chef, with whom he has shared the kitchen for 10 years, and Inés Correia as the head of the dining room.

Paolo Casagrande, of Italian origin, developed a passion for cooking from an early age and pursued his studies at the Alfredo Beltrame culinary school in Vittorio Veneto. From a young age, he began gaining experience in several significant Italian restaurants, where he discovered new techniques and honed his culinary skills.

He also participated in gourmet restaurants in Milan, London, and Paris, alongside internationally renowned chefs like Alain SOLIVERES.


In 2003, he had his first experience at the Lasarte restaurant in Guipúzcoa, alongside Chef Martín Berasategui, who eventually entrusted him with the kitchens of the MB restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Abama (Canary Islands), where he earned his first Michelin star. He also played a role in the opening of the Castadiva Resort, a luxurious hotel on Lake Como.


In 2012, he once again joined forces with Chef Berasategui, who entrusted him with the kitchen of the Lasarte Restaurant in Barcelona, a three-star Michelin establishment. For Paolo Casagrande, Barcelona became his “gastronomic homeland, the pantry that nourishes his cuisine and inspiration.”

A few years later, in 2016, Casagrande led the gastronomic project at Monument Hotel, once again under Berasategui’s guidance. This 5-star hotel houses the Lasarte Restaurant, the Oria Restaurant, and the Hall0 Bar.


His passion for the culinary universe has led him through countless experiences, eventually bringing him to Orobianco – an elegant and sophisticated restaurant that combines high-quality Mediterranean ingredients to create an immersive gastronomic experience centered around emotion and flavor.


The restaurant is dedicated to the pleasure of its diners, with two words standing out above all: emotion and flavor. “Only through absolute respect for the ingredients do we achieve a cuisine that can move us, in every service and for every diner,” says the Italian chef.


Orobianco restaurant offers Italian cuisine, emphasizing its privileged and exclusive setting – a perfect place to enjoy sunsets, Mediterranean views, and, of course, excellent cuisine. Orobianco embarked on its journey in 2015 and was awarded a Michelin star. Just before the summer of 2022, it temporarily closed its doors to update its facilities, refresh its corporate identity, and refine its culinary offerings.


With this new project, the Orobianco Group is committed to maintaining the tradition of Italian haute cuisine, featuring the quality of Mediterranean ingredients. The restaurant presents rich and flavorful Italian-inspired cuisine rooted in traditional recipes, within a sophisticated environment, supported and guided by a highly skilled professional team, both in the kitchen and in the dining room.


Paolo Casagrande’s involvement in Orobianco makes the restaurant a very personal and special project for him in Spain. Thus, this chef born in Veneto and inspired by Barcelona continues to bring happiness to people through his culinary creations.



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