Quique Dacosta’s Culinary Artistry: Signature Dishes from a Master Chef

Quique Dacosta, a chef renowned for his innovative approach to Mediterranean cuisine, has firmly established his restaurant in Dénia, Spain as a culinary landmark. Awarded three Michelin stars and ranked #20 in the World’s 50 Best Restaurants, Dacosta is celebrated for transforming traditional ingredients and recipes into avant-garde culinary experiences. His restaurant not only reflects his deep reverence for the Mediterranean’s rich gastronomic heritage but also his commitment to culinary innovation and sustainability. 

Read on to discover some of Quique Dacosta’s most unique and creatively crafted dishes that exemplify his artistry and vision.

Rodaja de Tomate: A Tomato Masterpiece
The “Rodaja de Tomate” dish is a celebration of the tomato in its purest form. Born from a desire to spotlight the tomato as the sole ingredient, this dish explores its different textures and flavors through sun-drying, salting, and dehydration techniques. Featuring crispy tomato skin bread, a rich emulsion of dried ripe tomatoes, and a dusting of lyophilized tomato powder, finished with a hint of rice vinegar, it encapsulates the essence of the Mediterranean.

Fideuá Azafranada: Reinventing Tradition

Dacosta takes the traditional fideuá to new heights with “Fideuá Azafranada.” This cold dish begins with a base of delicately sliced razor clams and is topped with noodles made from a fragrant, saffron-infused broth. The finishing touches of edible flowers and salmon roe add a crisp, iodine kick, connecting the dish to its regional roots while pushing culinary boundaries.

Gamba Roja de Dénia: Simplicity and Elegance

The “Gamba Roja de Dénia,” boiled in sea water, highlights the natural flavors of Dénia’s iconic red prawns. Cooked precisely at 62 degrees to perfectly coagulate the protein and then chilled in ice water, this dish is served cold to emphasize the freshness and quality of the prawns, respecting both tradition and the product’s integrity.

Capellanets y Escalibada: A Creative Fusion

The “Capellanets y Escalibada” combines dried whiting with a smoky wood-fired eggplant base, accompanied by a creamy, crispy fish meat croquette. This dish, with its abstract presentation, brings together deeply rooted flavors across different cultures, offering a taste of the sea and land in harmony.

Sang amb Ceba: A Symphony of Flavors
“Sang amb Ceba” features caramelized onions and duck, where the onion takes center stage complemented by duck meat. This dish is visually striking and complex in flavor, making it an excellent pairing with a robust red wine.

Flores Raras: A Dessert of Emotions
Concluding the culinary journey, “Flores Raras” is a dessert born from a season themed “Estados de ánimo” (States of Mind). It represents a new love with its base of mango and lychee, topped with aromatic flowers, capturing the ephemeral nature of new emotions.

Each of these dishes not only showcases Quique Dacosta’s commitment to innovation but also his deep respect for the ingredients and culinary heritage of the Mediterranean. These creations invite diners on a unique gastronomic journey, exploring new flavors while staying rooted in traditional tastes.


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