L’escaleta: Your Dream Wedding Venue in Alicante and Valencia

Set amidst the stunning natural backdrop of Montcabrer and embraced by the verdant splendor of the countryside, L’escaleta awaits. This prestigious restaurant has earned an impeccable reputation as the ideal destination for hosting exclusive and memorable weddings in the province of Alicante and

Discover the Exclusive Charm of Celebrating Your Wedding at La Fonda Heritage Hotel

Immerse Yourself in the Enchantment of the Costa del Sol Located in Marbella’s idyllic old town, where history intertwines with beauty and elegance, lies La Fonda Heritage Hotel. With over five centuries of experiences and stories that have shaped its history, this charming

Masía Xamandreu is a great place to celebrate your wedding in Valencia!

Nestled amidst orange groves that paint the landscape with their intoxicating fragrance, Masía Xamandreu is a dreamlike haven that has captivated generations with its historical charm and ability to weave magical moments into the tapestry of love. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon,

FINCA LA TORRETA DE BAYONA: A Timeless Venue for Weddings on the Costa Blanca

Rich in history dating back to 1703, Finca La Torreta de Bayona holds a special place in the family for generations. Passing through various hands, the sprawling estate spans one million square meters, with a house that transforms from a rustic farmhouse into

Moli El Canyisset: An Enchanting, Captivating Wedding Venue

Hotel Moli El Canyisset, nestled amidst the serene La Safor region, emerges as a captivating wedding venue resonating with the captivating charm of a 17th-century rice mill turned enchanting space. With its rich historical roots and modern allure, this venue showcases 16 vintage-style

Celebrate Your Wedding in Alicante with Grupo El Alto

In the serene village of Beniarbeig, nestled within Marina Alta’s heart, Casa Santonja stands as one of Alicante’s 55 illustrious buildings. Draped in ivy, this grand edifice boasts an arresting tower that captivates the eye. Grupo El Alto orchestrates some of its most

L’Escaleta: Your Ally for Weddings in Unmatched Locations

Embark on an extraordinary journey to L’escaleta, where the stars not only grace the Michelin guide but adorn every dish. Join us for a gastronomic adventure curated by two culinary visionaries—Chef Kiko Moya and Sommelier Alberto Redrado—amidst the serene landscapes of Alicante. Gastronomic

Casa Santoja: A dream wedding venue in the heart of Beniarbeig

In the quaint town of Beniarbeig, nestled within the picturesque interior of the Marina Alta region, stands one of the province of Alicante’s 55 illustrious buildings. Welcome to Casa Santonja, a place of enchantment where the facade of this imposing structure is adorned